Cover of I Became The King by Scavenging
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我靠捡垃圾上王者 | Wo Kao Jian Lese Shang Wangzhe | I Became a King by Picking up Trash

I Became The King by Scavenging


Good news, your profession has been detected as a hidden profession. The bad news is, your hidden profession is the one in a million "Garbage." You are about to transition to... "Scavenger." Ye Qing looked at the result in front of him and felt a sudden emptiness. All his years of effort had gone down the drain. Borrowing high-interest loans to speculate in stocks, losing everything, and then being thrown into a private hunting group to work off his debts. After defeating monsters that seemed impossible to kill, the experience points surged, allowing Ye Qing to level up from 0 to 1. He triggered the only opportunity in his life to transition... But unexpectedly, the profession he awakened to was the one in a million hidden profession - "Scavenger." All talent trees revolve around "picking up trash," a bizarre profession.